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Visual Composer looks great... site looks terrible

anyone having this issue?

I am able to orient the site as I would like to in composer and revolution slider...

Once I apply everything, the website starts merging templates with my content, blows everything to massive resolution and the site is useless.

What am I doing wrong?!


When you see some weird codes in your page (shortcodes) and your site looks broken, make sure that Visual Composer is installed but also Activated. On theme updates, Visual Composer may deactivate automatically so you might have to reactivate it.



Visual Composer killed the look of my site today, after I bought this visual composer license. I thought it was annoying haven to buy the license, as my site was working and looking just fine for two months.

I'm gutted right now. Wordpress won't even accept activating the visual composer plug now either.

I'm stuck and wish I never bought this license thing.

The plug is now magically working and things are back to normal. Very weird? Maybe a glitch of some kind??

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