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Theme Docs / Guide

I just purchased the FWRD theme and have been looking for theme docs and/or some type of guide to help navigate the robust set of features seen in action on the demo sites.

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YES!  Other templates have this.  I feel lost without it.  Making it very difficult.


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I guess they haven't responded to anyone in regards to this? so much for "Well Documented" Working with this template is becoming a nightmare especially when you note their lack of responsiveness. Time to request a refund, no?

Hi there !

I`m have been trying a lot of doubt in this theme. A simple detail to choose the ``stationary horizontal menu`` (attached picture ) instead of the ``retract`` one is difficult for me.

Anyone has the instructions link ?

sincerely yours


You can check the online documentation available here:

If you still have issue, do not hesitate to open a support ticket. we usually reply the same day.

No doubt. This is a fantastic theme that IronTemplates has built for us, but it's so deep with many options. Some documentation would be a big benefit and time saver here...

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