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How to make desktop menu look the "The Vibe" live demo

Hey Guys, first off great job with the FWRD theme! I love it and purchased it for my music website. I wanted to ask how to set up my menu to behave just the way it does on "the vibe" live demo. I would like it to be transparent at the top, and then slide down into the full horizontal bar as you scroll. The same animation as the demo essentially.

I used the iron demo importer plugin to import the vibe theme, however in desktop view, the menu looks the same as in tablet and phone view. I tried searching in the settings, but I am pretty new to this and might be missing where to change it. 

Could someone help me out with this? Thanks so much! 

- DJCruzControl

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Hey guys, I don't know what happened, but the menu seems to be functioning normally now. Thanks!

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