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CROMA theme - two pages don't refresh, needs second click on page name in menu to refresh

Hi, getting my site working nicely, but I have one persistent problem.

I have a hero-style slider revolution slider (single image with overlaid logo) on my About Page. As far as I can tell its config is the same as the one on my home page. However if I navigate to About I get a blank page (with menu at the top). If I click on the About page in the menu, the page draws. Any guidance on where to start looking. I sometimes also experience the same problem on my gallery page, but I'd say it was 50:50. All other pages behave fine, just two seem to need their menu name selected to drawn

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Hi Arthur,

I dd get an answer which was to update to the latest version of the theme. I was a little sceptical, but I did it and it fixed the problem. 

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