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Revolution slider in LUSH theme.


I've purchased the LUSH theme a while ago, everything was working fine untill yesterday when I tried to update my rev sliders youtube videos, the old videos are still there, but when i tried to add new videos, it just tells me that the youtube video cannot be found.

What seems to be the problem?

Hello, I just updated my theme and now the rev slider is gone and I am getting prompted to purchase an update... How is that I can purchase a theme that breaks after time?

I'm having issues with the slider as well, animations do not work for me unless they are character based. Not sure why you are having issues with the videos. 

The Slider Revolution plugin is asking for an update, but when I click on the update link it asks to buy a license. If the theme requires the use of this plugin, the updates should be free. This is very strange.

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