Some texts in our theme are hard-coded, like back and next buttons. You can't find an option to edit them on the wp-admin dashboard. So how we can customize them without modifying our theme? The solution is simple. We need to translate string from our theme. So if we want  "BACK" becomes "BEFORE", we need to make a english translation. 

How to do?

    1. 1. Download and Install PoEdit software:

    2. 2. Open Poedit and open file /wp-content/themes/fwrd/languages/fwrd.pot.

    3. 3. Please click on create new translation.

    4. 4. Select the same language selected in your wordpress. 
    5. If you are not sure which language is set to your wordpress, please go to wp-admin>setting>general.

    6. 5. Click on edit and find, and search for the string you want to modify. 

    7. 6. Click on save. It is important to locate your new files in /wp-content/languages. 
    8. When we save the po file, a mo file will be automatically generate. The mo file is the file read by wordpress. 
    9. If you want to modify more then one string, use the same po file. 


*If you want to know more about translation, please read our documentation How to translate the theme in your own language ?